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The Results Are In

Posted by Pete on September 14, 2017
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The result of the first Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council election was declared at 10.30 this morning. The new Council will comprise the following candidates, elected in the order listed:

  • Tim Overall
  • Brian Brown
  • Mark Schweikert
  • Trudy Taylor
  • Peter Bray
  • Trevor Hicks
  • Kenrick Winchester
  • Michele Biscotti
  • Peter Marshall
  • Pete Harrison
  • Radmila Noveska

In the event, the count was pretty straightforward. The only change throughout to the top eleven candidates was that Kenrick Winchester and Trevor Hicks, and Pete Harrison and Radmila Noveska swapped positions late in the count. The eleven councillors ultimately elected were more than 300 votes clear of the next candidate, Ian Marjason, from the outset and that gap only reduced slightly right at the end of the count.

There was a 78.3% voter turn-out, not atypical for local government elections. Informal votes accounted for 5.8% of those cast, which was somewhat lower than in previous elections and perhaps a little surprising given the size of the ballot paper.

The Above-the-Line/Below-the-Line distribution of votes was in line with previous elections, with around 82% of the vote cast Above-the-Line.

Full details of the count are avaialble from the NSW Electoral Commission website.

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