Queanbeyan-Palerang Community Voice

Keith France

Keith was elected to the Palerang council in 2012.

Keith was born and raised in Adelaide (by two £10 Poms). He moved to Canberra in 1969 to join the growing Public Service, but found employment at ANU in 1970 more to his liking. He spent the next 27 years of his career at ANU. He started at the Computer Services Centre but his interest in accounting dominated his career. Keith graduated from TAFE College with a Diploma in Accounting in the late seventies and set up a part-time tax practice with his long-time business partner Wal Harrison. Keith's thirst for accounting led to him completing a degree in Accounting at the Canberra College of Advanced Education (now the University of Canberra). He was lucky enough to be at ANU through the fast developing IT and internet period (seeing the introduction of the first mainframe computer, the design and implementation of the campus intranet communications network, the installation of the first supercomputer facility, and the transition of libraries into the World Wide Web environment). Keith retired as Business Manager of the Library (Head of Finance and Computing) in 1997 and moved into the accounting practice in Queanbeyan full time.

During the past 15 years in public practice Keith has had the pleasure of meeting many clients who work and live in the Queanbeayn-Palerang area. With his wife, he purchased a 20 acre block in Wamboin in 1990, finally moving in 1997. Over the past 20 years they have built their house and been busy rehabilitating the block by planting over 4000 trees and shrubs. Keith noted that "We enjoy the Wamboin environment and community, becoming active members in the community association, the local fire brigade, the local Landcare group and the famous Wamboin Golf Club. It is this involvement with the community plus the fact that I have moved into semi-retirement that has led me to stand for council."

Keith’s extensive tax accounting experience, mainly in the Queanbeyan-Palerang area, means that he is well positioned to understand the concerns of local residents and small businesses alike. This, coupled with his managerial knowledge, makes him well qualified to play a leading role in steering the finances of the new QPRC ensuring that it maintains financial responsibility.